Fine, Handcrafted Pewter in the Great American Tradition
William Will Teapot

Woodgrain Beaker

Photo of Woodgrain Beaker
12 ounces
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The Woodgrain Beaker is perhaps the most interesting cup we make. My Father and I created this cup at the suggestion of Jonathan Fairbanks, former curator of American Decorative Arts, Museum of fine Arts, Boston around 1992.

Jonathan saw our Child’s Cup with the birch grain interior and asked us to make something taller, without a handle. This cup was the end result and one of the early examples was acquired by the MFA for its permanent collection in 1993. It, along with my Father’s prize winning Fruit Bowl were the only contemporary pieces of pewter added to their collection in the 20th century! Ideal for serving Mint Juleps.

The pewter is shaped around a wooden form, or chuck, which is made from oak. Once the metal is on the form, a burnishing tool is used to apply enough pressure on the outside if the vessel to impart the grain of the form on the inside of the beaker. Truly a unique piece!

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