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Tankards & Mugs

Photo of Whitmore Pint Mug
Price: $175

The Whitmore Pint is my new favorite mug. Jacob Whitmore was a fine 18th century Connecticut pewterer and this piece is a tribute to him. The ball terminal handle is a beautiful thing to look at and it feels great in one’s hand. Many thanks to fellow pewter enthusiast and antique pewter dealer, Wayne Hilt, for helping me to create this wonderful new handle.

Photo of Tulip Pint Mug with Acanthus Leaf Handle
Price: $175

New Product!

18th century pewter mugs and tankards with acanthus leaf handle designs are quite  rare and therefore quite desirable to collectors. I was fortunate to acquire an 18th century English export tulip shaped quart mug with acanthus leaf handle last year. That mug was the inspiration for this smaller pint mug. The acanthus leaf motif, an elegant feature, was also used on some...

Photo of Gibson Pint Mug
Price: $175

The Gibson Pint Mug is similar to those used throughout Britain in pubs in the mid-19th century. The tapered sides of the mug coupled with the flattened handle terminal present a pleasing design that was built for rigorous daily use.

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photo of Hamlin Pint Mug
Price: $175

The Hamlin Pint Mug is a handsome form. It is a reproduction of a mug made in the late 18th century by Samuel Hamlin and later, by his son Samuel E. Hamlin, both of Providence, RI. I seem to have a natural affinity for the Hamlins since I too grew up in Providence, and learned the pewtering craft from my father as well.

Photo of Tulip Pint Mug
Price: $175

The Tulip Pint Mug is probably the most graceful drinking vessel that I make. As my father used to say, “all the curves are in all the right places.” It shares the same type of scroll handle as the Hamlin Mug which fits wonderfully in one’s hand. I call it a pint mug, but it actually holds about 20 ozs.

Photo of Gibson 24 oz Mug
Price: $175

The Gibson 24 oz Mug, formerly known as the Gibson Tankard, was our very first mug design. My sister, Lauren, convinced my father sometime in the summer of 1978 that we needed to add such a drinking vessel to our then, rather thin product line. Lauren created the pattern for the handle which is quite beautiful and unique. We had an old wooden chuck in the shop already which was suitable for...

Photo of  Bradford Quart Tankard
Price: $375

The Bradford Quart Tankard is a reproduction of an early 18th century piece made in New York City by pewterer William Bradford, Jr. The original is an extremely rare tankard. Only a handful of marked examples exist. Ours has the distinctive ramshorn thumbpiece, and low, flat lid with crenate lip and a sturdy handle with a boot-heel terminal. This tankard is a numbered series.

photo of Strap Handle 28 oz Mug
Price: $195

The Strap handle 28 oz Mug is an original design inspired by those made in New England in the 18th century. The high fillet line detail on the body and the boot heel handle terminal are characteristic features of these kinds of mugs. It’s a beautiful form that is fun to look at and use!

Photo of  Dome Lidded Quart Tankard
Price: $375

The Dome Lidded Quart Tankard is an original design inspired by all of the finest 18th century design elements. The ramshorn thumbpiece, the low double dome lid, the low fillet line detail on the body, and the classic handle with boot-heel terminal all combine to create an eye-catching form that would be a welcome addition to any pewter collection. Also a numbered series.

Photo of Gibson Quart Mug
Price: $195

The Gibson Quart Mug is a big vessel. It is an original design with a traditional look and feel. This series is numbered and recorded in our Tankard Registry.

Photo of  Dome Lidded Pint Tankard
Price: $275

The Dome Lidded Pint Tankard is a scaled down version of it’s cousin, the Quart tankard. However, the crown thumbpiece and its hinge are a different style. This is a beautiful tankard and perhaps my favorite. Collectors of antique pewter covet tankards. All agree that the pint capacity tankards are scarce indeed. You’ll enjoy using it! Also a numbered series.

Photo of  Flat Lidded Pint Tankard
Price: $275

The Flat lidded Pint Tankard is same as the Dome Lidded Pint Tankard, with a low, flat lid. A wonderful form and also a numbered series.


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