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Tales from the Pewter Shop by Ray Gibson

Tales from the Pewter Shop book cover

I learned the craft of turning fine pewterware at my fathers side. Ray Gibson was a master craftsman who loved everything about his work—the tools and materials, the shop, and the people that he served. In 1999, Ray wrote Tales from the Pewter Shop so he could share his insights and love of craft with all who were interested.

If you are interested in the art of making pewter, or are inspired to pursue your own dreams of living your craft, Tales from the Pewter Shop has something in it’s pages for you. Call for pricing. The book is available here for $25, and includes FREE shipping.

"Tales from the Pewter Shop is a remarkable record. It transcends a mere autobiography for it offers the reader insight into how and why the work of Gibson’s hand, heart, and mind have been transformative experiences. Those who work with raw material and transform it or shape it into things useful and beautiful feel the magical power art has in their lives…. Gibson’s narrative offers the reader insight into such experience…. The Gibson shop, his work, and his life all flow seamlessly together through the insights offered in this eloquent account." —From the foreword by Jonathan L. Fairbank

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