Fine, Handcrafted Pewter in the Great American Tradition
Centerpiece Bowl

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Pitchers, Creamers, and Vases

Photo of Pewter Granny Vase
Price: $65

The Granny Vase got its name from one of our good customers who happened to be in the shop the day my father made the first one many years ago. When my father asked for a potential name, she thought a moment, and then said, “call it the Granny Vase. It will be great for those occasions when the grandchildren run up with a hand full of flowers and say, ‘I picked them all for you granny’.” The...

Photo of Pewter Centerpiece Vase
Price: $75

The Centerpiece Vase is one of our oldest and most popular designs. Fresh flowers and dried flower arrangements both look great in this wide mouth vessel.

Photo of Pewter Fluted Bud Vase
Price: $65

Our new Fluted Bud Vase stands 7″ tall and has a beaded edge on the foot. It’s a simple, yet elegant design and a wonderful gift item.

Oil Lamps & Candle Holders

Photo of 3 inch Pewter Candleholder
Price: $45

The 3 inch Candleholder is a modern form that I designed a few years ago. A number of my customers asked for a dish to go under their pillar candles and this design was the end result. It has sturdy, wide base and a nicely flared lip to catch any stray wax.

Short Pewter Candlesticks
Price: $190

The Short Candlesticks are 3.75” tall and are quite sturdy. The base is cast (the first in our candlestick line) as is the top socket. The overall look and balance is wonderful and the heavy weight will surprise you. Get a pair for yourself, or bookmark them as a future gift item.

Sold in pairs.

Photo of Pewter Gibson Candlesticks
Price: $190

The Gibson Candlesticks are an original design. I borrowed the shaft of the Gleason 3″ Chamberstick and created a base to match the curves of the shaft. These sturdy candlesticks are very popular.

Tall Pewter Candlesticks
Price: $295

The Tall Candlesticks stand 8.75” tall (the tallest in our candlestick line) and are real beauties! If you have a large dinning room table or a large fireplace mantle, these are the candlesticks for you. You’ll be impressed with the overall weight of these candlesticks as well as the height.

Sold in pairs.

Photo of R. Dunham Pewter Candlesticks
Price: $210

The R. Dunham Candlesticks are our best sellers. They are reproductions of those made in the 19th century by Westbrook, Maine pewterer, Rufus Dunham. The urn shaped shafts are among the most beautiful ever produced and their popularity in our shop today supports that claim. The shafts are hollow (“slush”) cast just like the originals, but are quite sturdy. The tall base has two decorative...

Photo of Push-up Pewter Candlesticks
Price: $275

Tall and beautiful, the Push-Up Candlesticks are an original design. There is a brass rod which is attached to a platform within the socket. The rod extends down through the shaft and through the underside of the base. There a small brass knob is threaded to the rod. Atop the platform is a nickel which has been soldered in place.

I sometimes refer to these “sticks” as my Jefferson...

Photo of R. Gleason 3″ Pewter Chamberstick
Price: $125

The Gleason Chamberstick is one of my father’s earliest reproduction pieces. Somewhere in my files I actually have the original drawings he used to copy the original which was in our shop for repairs.

Customers have loved this piece from the very beginning. This original would have been made by Gleason in the 1820s before his whale oil lamp production commenced in the 1830s.

Photo of Fluted Pewter Candlesticks
Price: $210

The Fluted Candlesticks stand a handsome and formal 8.5" tall and have a beaded edge on the socket. These tall candlesticks are a wonderful addition to the lighting line!

Photo of Ring Handle Pewter Candlesnuffer
Price: $40

The Ring Handle and Plain Handle Candle snuffers are original designs that have been quite popular. Pewter is soft, so a long pewter handle on a delicate piece is not practical. Therefore, I created compact handles which are sturdy and easy to use. They do not take up a lot of space on the mantel either!


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