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Photo of Philadelphia Sugar Bowl
Price: $300

The Sugar Bowl is an original design with an 18th century Philadelphia influence. It too stands about 5.5″ tall. Many 18th century sugar bowls used tankard lids for covers and mine is no different. The beaded finial is from the drum-shaped William Will teapot. It’s a wonderful thing when recycled parts work with new designs.

Photo of Centerpiece Bowl
Price: $195

The Centerpiece Bowl is a new addition to our product line. It is a real beauty. An original design and a contemporary form, it has a low flared rim with a distinctive beaded edge and an incised line on the inside bottom. At 12″ in diameter and 2″ in height, it truly is worthy of being a centerpiece

You’ll also be amazed at the capacity of this vessel. Fill it with fruit, nuts, veggies...

Photo of Dip Bowl
Price: $55

The Dip Bowl is an ultra modern design with slightly angled straight sides. It holds 12 oz. with room to spare.

Photo of Condiment Bowl
Price: $75

The Condiment Bowl looks like a scaled down Revere Bowl with its round bowl, flared lip and sturdy, low foot.

Note: our Small Queen Anne Spoon fits perfectly in this bowl and makes a terrific set.

Photo of Three-Quarter Revere Bowl
Price: $200

The Revere Bowls are an adaptation of the original silver Liberty Bowl made by colonial patriot and silversmith Paul Revere. The original bowl has a straight lip, but our version has a gentle curve for a more refined line.

All four sizes are made with heavy gauge metal. An excellent choice for a gift or award!

Available in the following sizes…


Pitchers, Creamers, and Vases

Photo of Pewter Centerpiece Vase
Price: $75

The Centerpiece Vase is one of our oldest and most popular designs. Fresh flowers and dried flower arrangements both look great in this wide mouth vessel.

Photo of Pewter Fluted Bud Vase
Price: $65

Our new Fluted Bud Vase stands 7″ tall and has a beaded edge on the foot. It’s a simple, yet elegant design and a wonderful gift item.

Photo of Pewter Rufus Dunham 2 Quart Water Pitcher
Price: $250

The Dunham 2 Quart Water Pitcher is a classic mid-19th century design. Dunham was active in Westbrook, Maine from 1837-1861 and was a fine craftsmen. Several firms produced lidded and unlidded pitchers in this style. Capacities varied from 1.5 quart up to one gallon.

I owned and copied a Dunham pitcher several years ago. Unlike the original whose body is made from multiple castings...

Photo of Pewter 12 Ounce Syrup Pitcher
Price: $175

The 12 Ounce Syrup Pitcher is an original design. If you enjoy pancakes as much as my family does, this is a must have. This pitcher also works well as a creamer for larger gatherings.

Photo of Pewter Philadelphia Creamer
Price: $300

Our Creamer stands about 5.25″ tall, and is an original design, but it resembles an 18th century footed Philadelphia piece with its tulip shaped body, its graceful scroll handle, and its foot with the beaded edge.

Photo of Pewter Creamer with Cabriole Feet
Price: $300

The Creamer with cabriolé feet stands 4″ tall to the top of the handle. It is a mid-18th century style creamer and was made to accompany the Queen Anne Teapots. The spout, handle, and feet are separate castings which are soldered to the cream pot body. Later 18th century examples have spouts which are an integral part of the upper body casting. Antique examples of these kinds of cream pots are...

Photo of 6 oz. Syrup Pitcher
Price: $125

If the sale of several prototypes of my new, small (6 oz.) syrup/cream pitcher are any indication, I’d say this is going to be a popular item. A perfect gift for any occasion! Look for a companion sugar bowl sometime this winter.


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