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Gibson Pewter Shop News - Spring 2015

Greetings and Happy Spring from Gibson Pewter!

Just a brief update to Announce two great new products.

A Beautiful New Pint Mug!photo of Robert Bonynge Pint Mug

For years I've wanted to recreate a Robert Bonynge Pint Mug with fishtail handle. Bonynge was an early 18th century Boston pewterer and one of the few pewterers who produced this type of handle. I've only seen pictures of these mugs and never handled an original. Thanks to our good friend, Wayne Hilt of Hilt Pewter, we are now able to cast a fishtail handle!

Wayne copied the handle pattern from an original 18th century pint mug and enhanced it for us with painstaking care. The end result is a fantastic and robust example of one of the most rare styles of 18th century American mug handles. It's great to be able to add this style of handle to our product line and it's wonderful to honor one of America's earliest pewterers. Thanks Wayne! We love this mug and know our customers will too!

PSNH Commemorative Keyringphoto of PSNH Commemorative Keyring

We loved the artwork on the vintage 1940's PSNH Manchester, NH Transit Token charm so much, we decided to enlarge it and create this sturdy PSNH Commemorative Keyring. A great gift for anyone associated with this historic New Hampshire company.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures of product offerings and noteworthy news from the Gibson Pewter shop. We'll also be posting pictures of new products and previewing 2015 Christmas Ornaments in the summer edition of our Newsletter.

Happy Spring!
Jon, Camille, Emily & Lily Gibson

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