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Queen Anne Teapot, with feet

Photo of Queen Anne Pewter Teapot, with feet
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Collectors have referred to this style of teapot as “Queen Anne” even though they were introduced during the reign of King George III (1760–1801), well after her reign (1704–1711). Some collectors refer to this type simply as an 18th century pear-shaped teapot. I think all would agree that whatever the name, the style is without rival. These teapots are beautiful and elegant.

I need to thank the following craftsmen for their invaluable contributions to this project which took well over a year to complete. Antiques dealer, Wayne Hilt, loaned me an 18th century antique example to study as I began this venture. Wayne’s guidance in the design phase was nothing less than critical as he prodded me to refine the lines of the body and spout.

NH Furniture Master, William Thomas made a sectional chuck for the teapot which is a work of art in itself. Bill has made this kind of chuck for me before for the Granny Vase, the R. Dunham Pitcher, and the Tulip Pint Mug. A sectional chuck is a collapsable form which allows me to make the body of the vessel from one piece of metal.

As far as I can tell, ours are the only “Queen Anne” teapots to be made this way. Most are made from two pieces and soldered in the “belly.” Our teapots will never crack or leak as a result! Bill carves the beautiful rosewood handles for my teapots as well.

Lastly, Lee Ring, made a bronze mold for “slush-casting” the spout. As far as I know, Lee had never made one of these before and his first try was perfect! Thanks gents!

My teapot with cabriole feet is a bit more formal that the teapot without feet.

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