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The Rosette Spoon

Photo of Rosette Pewter Spoon
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Who said lightning never strikes twice? At the end of last year, a gentleman walked into my shop and asked me if I would like to buy his spoon mold. When he unwrapped the mold I was pleasantly suprised. Actually, my heart skipped a few beats. I was looking at another engraved spoon mold! Twenty years of looking for one of these and here was number two in my hands within three months time.

The Rosette Spoon, at 7.5″ in length, is the longest spoon we cast. It is what collectors call a Queen Anne style, or Dog Nose style spoon. The mold, made from bronze, was most likely made in New England around 1700! When compared to the William III Spoon, the Rosette Spoon mold seems to have been engraved by the same hand! Instead of a portrait, this mold has the beautiful decorative floral (rosette) motif seen in metalwork, furniture and architecture. A truly beautiful spoon.

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Photo of Rosette Spoon Handle
Photo of Rosette Spoon back

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