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Sure-Fire Way to Nab a Moose This Hunting Season

Mr. Moose Figurine

Wildlife management programs across the United States work hard to maintain a balance between keeping a steady population of these magnificent animals and allowing a certain number to be bagged each year. Needless to say, many hunters are disappointed when they aren’t selected in annual lotteries.

To satisfy the non-lottery winners and moose lovers everywhere, Gibson Pewter in Hillsboro, NH is happy to introduce Mr. Moose.

“With so many of the real variety appearing in our woods, it seemed fitting to add this wonderfully detailed pewter casting to our figurine line,” says Jon Gibson, New Hampshire-based pewterer. “Mr. Moose stands 2.5 inches high and is 3 inches long, so he doesn’t eat much.”

“I had this wonderful pattern made from a bronze mold a friend loaned to me,” says Gibson. “I’m always on the look-out for interesting or whimsical figurines to add to our collection. And, just in case I don’t see a live one this season, I wanted to still be sure our northern woods were filled with moose.”

Priced at just $20, this is an easy to way to fulfill the longing of your local woodsman or to simply commemorate the grandeur of our majestic forest neighbors.

We also have the new Moose Christmas ornaments which make terrific holiday gifts and are priced at only $15.

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