Fine, Handcrafted Pewter in the Great American Tradition
Capen & Molineux Tavern Lamp


Gibson Pewter Kickstarter Launches!

We have just launched our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help fund the construction of the new Gibson Pewter Workshop and Learning Center in Washington, N.H.

Pewtering is a centuries old craft that played a vital economic role in Colonial America. Today it's in danger of becoming a lost art. I'm committed to revitalizing interest in the craft of pewtering and I need your help.

Please check out and support my Kickstarter Campaign and please share it with your friends. Thank you in advance and I look forward to giving you each a tour of our new shop and learning center!

Say Goodbye to the Shopping Cart

No Cart image

After careful deliberation, we’ve decided to retire the shopping cart function on our website. We wanted to add it as a convenience for our customers and try to provide some methods for tracking your orders.

However, the maintenance of the cart itself has proved to be a challenge and—weighed against some of the confusion it was causing—the decision to move on and revert to our older model seemed to be in order. Amazon and Etsy can have their carts… For our product line, a phone call is simpler and gets the job done just fine.

Announcing Our New Raffle for 2014

Bangle Bracelet with FlipFlops charm

The 2013 Grande Prize Raffle is over. The lucky winner of one of our Whitmore Pint Mug is… Joann Broderick! Congratulations Joann, with a hearty cheer from all of us up here in N.H.!!

We’re planning another annual raffle for 2014. We’ll be giving away a pair of our beautiful Bangle Bracelets with your choice of a charm to go with it. This is one of our most popular new items.

October 2009 Raffle Winner

Ladybug Earrings

Marcia Ullman won a pair of our Ladybug Earrings in October. I guess ladybugs do contribute to good luck!

Each month, we select a winner of our monthly gift of a pair of Gibson Pewter Earrings. For November, we plan to gift a Stocking Ornament. Maybe this will prompt a family pewter ornament collecting tradition.

August 2010 Raffle Winner

Pewter Lizard Earrings

In deference to the beastly hot weather we had late this summer, raffle winner Barbara Shamblin of Portsmouth, RI will receive a pair of our Lizard Earrings.

Each month, we select a winner of our monthly Gibson Pewter product. Now that the harvest is being collected and the Fat Lady is singing, it’s time to turn over your gardens to prepare for the dormant season ahead. Our Trowel Earrings will have you outfitted properly for the task.

June 2010 Raffle Winner

Pewter Turtle Earrings

It’s been so hot, everyone has been moving as slow as a turtle. Fitting then that Holly Adam of Greenwich, CT was the winner of a pair of Turtle Earrings in our June raffle.

Each month, we select a winner of our monthly Gibson Pewter product. In July, as the heat continues to scorch in weather fit only for creatures that keep close to the ground and conserve their energy, we’re featuring our Lizard Earrings.

May 2010 Raffle Winner

Pewter Butterfly Earrings

May’s raffle winner of our Butterfly Earrings was Roger Anderson, Washington State. What a nice gift for the lady in your life Roger!

For our June raffle gift, we’re offering our Turtle Earrings in honor of and solidarity with ocean creatures and wildlife that struggle in these turbulent times.

Anyone who registers in the box in the left-hand corner of the website receives periodic updates about our new products and promotions, and those names are among those we select from each month.


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